The postal sector is one of the oldest in the world - from Hermes, who carried messages to other Greek gods, passing through pigeons and reaching the most recent history.

The postal sector is evolving and our habits are also changing.

Nowadays, more agile shipments and deliveries are required, control of information and ease for users more accustomed to the use of technology, self-service and mobile applications.

What is Boxnet and what can we offer?

BoxNet SIA is Latvia's largest private courier company, which has more than 400 employees - including delivery programmers, drivers, managers, regional directors, and many other specialists.

BoxNet SIA has developed its own technological solutions for postal services by creating Intelligent Terminals for its clients to deliver and withdraw their packages in the most convenient place and time.

It is, therefore, a step forward in time.

With great enthusiasm and with field professionals, BoxNet Pacific S.A. makes available to Latin America the technological solutions of our multifunctional intelligent terminals.

For you, our client, we offer you the most convenient and efficient integral solution.

With an individual approach to each client, we are firmly committed to high quality standards.

Working with us will save you time and money and you will get the best results, regardless of exactly what service you need.

Together we can more!